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Organization for the Assabet River
Damonmill Square
Concord, MA 01742

Tel: 978-369-3956
Email: oar@assabetriver.org



Stream Team

Assabet River near the Aqueduct in Northborough

Surveying the Assabet Shoreline
in Northborough

In Spring 2002, the Organization for the Assabet River (OAR), with the help of the Northborough Citizens for Community Preservation (NCCP), in cooperation with the town of Northborough organized "stream teams" to conduct a visual survey of the Assabet River, the Cold Harbor and Howard Brooks. The goal of the survey was to determine priorities for protection and restoration of the waterways in Northborough.

Although the survey and priority-setting has been completed, the stream teams need volunteers to help accomplish actions identified in the survey экскурсия на автобусе в ночной Петербург на развод мостов. By volunteering you can help your neighborhood, the environment, the town of Northborough and the Assabet River, all at the same time. We need your help. No experience is necessary.

The information that the "Stream Teams" gathered will help Northborough identify and reduce pollutants to the Assabet River. It will also help to identify recreational opportunities offered by the streams and rivers in Northborough, as well as improve the habitat for the fish and wildlife in our waterways.

After the survey, volunteers analyzed the data and met again to develop an action plan for Northborough. Our volunteers are now creating partnerships with municipal officials and other nonprofit organizations to implement this plan.

Northborough volunteers help with the 2001 Annual River Cleanup.  (Click for a larger version.)  Photo courtesy John Timoshenko.To Volunteer...

To volunteer or for further information, please contact: 

Maggie Kosovsky
Stream Team Coordinator
Organization for the Assabet River
Phone: (508) 393-2814 
Email: mmin97@yahoo.com


Sponsors and Supporters

The shoreline survey is sponsored by the Organization for the Assabet River (OAR) and funded by a grant from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation

The Massachusetts Riverways "Adopt-A-Stream" Program and the Northborough Citizens for Community Preservation (NCCP) support this event.