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Organization for the Assabet River
Damonmill Square
Concord, MA 01742

Tel: 978-369-3956
Email: oar@assabetriver.org


Nutrient Projects
The river is a little too well fertilized, and most of us can take steps to help solve this problem every day.

Nutrient overload is one of the biggest threats to the Assabet River's water quality and biodiversity. Residents of the watershed can do a few little things that collectively make a big difference.

Check out our nutrient education pages to https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Saint_Petersburg/20177-forty-kronshtadta/ how you might be able to help improve conditions in the Assabet or whatever watershed you live in.

Automatic Dishwasher Detergents

OAR's automatic dishwasher detergent campaign has educated thousands of watershed residents on how to make their daily chores a lot more river-friendly. Click here to go to detergents home.

Stream-Smart Lawn Care

Find out how to make the most of your lawn care dollars (and efforts) and improve the quality of our lakes, streams and rivers. Click here to go to lawn care home.

Pet Waste

Find out how to help your pets do their part to keep the waters clean. Click here to go to pet waste home.


Join OAR...To learn about more OAR programs that target the Assabet's issues, check out OAR Programs.


OAR's nutrient education projects were funded by grants from the National Park Service and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. We would like to thank the Middlesex Conservation District for providing substantial assistance and support in the developement of the lawn care materials.

Sun, Feb 9, 2003